To whom?

It can be offered to any person or group that is willing to get carried away in the creative process, whether or not they have formal knowledge of the plastic arts.

Do you have to know about art?

No. It is simply about willing to experiment with colors, shapes and textures that inspire new sensations. The game and the plasticity of the materials produce sensory effects that give birth to dormant desires. Little by little, desire becomes the engine that leads to the encounter with oneself.

In art therapy it is not important to know how to handle the materials but to have the desire to do so.

Art Therapy with Infants

arte y terapia barcelonaInfants express their discomfort through attacks of rage, school difficulties, relational problems and attacks of frustration, among others.

Working with plastic materials helps them to put into practice their daily difficulties and to learn to listen and solve conflicts in creative ways.

Art therapy is a means that uses artistic materials to shape these difficulties and to be able to elaborate them positively.

Art Therapy with Teens

arte y terapia barcelona beneficiosHigh levels of anxiety in adolescence can be manifested in attacks of anger, discomfort or behavior problems, among others.

Proposing to see a therapist is sometimes perceived as a threat.

Art therapy, being a space that uses artistic applications as a means to express and channel their concerns, they can perceive it as a closer space, and thus be able to display their difficulties without feeling threatened by the stigma of going to therapy.

Art therapy with Adults

Sometimes we get frustrated when we find ourselves repeating patterns and we are not sure how to change. The language and the narratives that we build in relation to what happens to us can become entrenched and we have the feeling of not moving forward.

Art therapy is a means that allows us to access unconscious material, explore from a means of communication that is not governed by the word. Language is a medium that we usually control and we construct narratives that serve as a defense and that sometimes we find it difficult to modify.