¿How do I work?

I prioritize the therapeutic relationship, emphasizing confidentiality and respect for space and materials. I observe how the user relates to me and the time he spends choosing the materials he will use to enter into a creative process.

arteterapia con niños arte y terapia barcelonaDuring the first session, the user will express what worries him or his day-to-day experiences, before moving on to plastic materials.

The different materials generate different sensations, it is not the same to choose wire than felt or the way in which they are used to make an artistic work.

The time that the person needs to enter into their creative process and the time in which they can remain immersed in it are also observed. During the creative process, I observe the ease/difficulty with which it relates to these materials and I intervene if the circumstance requires it.

At the end of the artistic process, we share what we have experienced and focus our gaze on the artistic object from the distance of an observer to verbalize what the work returns to us through the sensations generated by the materials, the process and the work, through metaphor.