How does it help?

Carolina Bortheiry es arteterapeuta en Arte y terapia Barcelona, es arteterapeuta en Castelldefels y Barcelona. arteyterapia barcelona

The benefits of art therapy:

  • Express emotions that are difficult to verbalize.
  • Enhance sensory stimulation.
  • Enhance creative capacity that is reflected in the ability to make decisions, be flexible, and promotes abstract thinking.
  • The elaboration of the artistic work allows us to work on tolerance to frustration.
  • The creative process helps us to work on self-control.
  • The triangular relationship that is established between the patient, the therapist and the work allows greater security and self-esteem.
  • Understanding our artistic production helps us understand our internal world and our subjectivity.
  • Working with sensory materials awakens archaic processes, memories and primary memories that allow to express oneself with the creative process and the image that the work returns.
  • The image and the sensations that the work returns to us serve as an experiential memory and enable awareness of feelings and emotions.