Types of intervention

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There are different ways of intervention within art therapy.

You can work individually, in groups, in workshops or in open studios.

Individual therapy is indicated for those who need a personal process to establish a closer relationship with the therapist and the work.

Group therapy is indicated for those who want to work on their social skills and who can sustain the “ambiguity” of being in a therapeutic group. On the one hand, there are closed groups, where the group’s participants are always the same and are due to a commitment to the group.

On the other hand, there are the semi-open groups, where it is agreed that other members can enter the group if the occasion requires it.

Open studios or open workshops are found in institutions such as hospitals, prisons, residences, etc. where the institution already functions as a frame and the interventions focus on the formal and creative aspects of the work and not with the aim of building a space for thought around the work.

Art therapy workshops are usually one-off interventions, they do not last over time, therefore they focus on the artistic and creative rather than on the therapeutic, although the gaze has a psychodynamic approach.

Groups and workshops

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